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  • Will it turn me blue?
    No our colloidal silver is made from pure silver nano particles, Not ionic silver. Ionic silver is unreduced silver oxide and the known cause of Agyria (blue skin disease). In 100% of all reported cases of Agyria, the person was drinking homemade ionic silver and often using salt as the electrolyte. When salt is used it creates a product with silver chloride in it. Ionic silver is mostly silver oxide. Silver oxide readily combines with stomach acid to make silver chloride. Silver chloride is used in developing photography and the main cause for Agyria. When one consumes silver chloride or silver oxide, there is a strong possibility the ionic charge will attract the particles to healthy cells. The silver salts then embed themselves and are developed like photography upon the skin after 20+ years of drinking concentrated ionic silver/silver salts. True colloidal silver starts as ionic but is purified by reduction and will never turn you blue. Reduction removes the oxidization resulting in pure silver nano particles which are opposite in charge to ionic silver... therefore these pure silver nano particles repell from healthy cells and are attracted to pathogens. It is clear that homemade ionic silver is the culprit for the blue skin disease called Agyria. There have been no reports of True colloidal silver ever causing Agyria. Our laboratory grade colloidal silver is oxide free & chloride free, pure metallic silver nano particles, therefore you can rest assured that you will never turn into a smurf with Silver Star Shield products!
  • Why does Colloidal Silver have colors to it? Is colloidal silver supposed to be clear?
    True colloidal silver is purified suspended silver nano particles which become like microscopic reflectors. As light moves through a colloid suspension it refracts a specific color based on its concentration and particle size. This effect is called the plasmon resonance. At 10-20ppm it creates a golden hue At about 60ppm it becomes orange At 180ppm it becomes deep ruby red At about 260ppm it turns an almost violet color and at 320ppm it contains all the previous colors plus green and blue as well! If your 'colloidal silver' is clear in color then it is ionic silver.
  • What is the difference between ionic silver and colloidal silver? And which is the most common?
    Colloidal silver is usually made by purifying (reducing) ionic silver. ionic silver is created in the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process of running an electrical current through liquid. At the positive electrode, the electric current pushes silver ions into the water by electron propulsion and in this electrochemical process the particles oxidize creating silver oxide. These silver ions are the wrongpolarity for internal ingestion and have the risk of being embedded in healthy cells and causing the blue skin disease called Agyria The process of reduction purifies and deoxidizes the silver resulting in pure silver nano particles in suspension - true colloidal silver. Studies have concluded that 70%-99% of all products marketed as ‘colloidal silver’ are in fact ionic silver and some have been tested and shown to be just distilled water... Why are companies getting away with calling ionic silver 'colloidal' ? Silver is considered a food supplement and there are little to no regulations on what can be said about supplements. Ionic silver is still effective at killing pathogens however studies under microscope have shown that the proteins from bacteria first reduce the ionic silver into pure silver particles before delivering the final fatal blow. Many people have found ionic effective at treating many things. Ionic may still be used very effectively and safely externally. For internal ingestion, true colloidal silver is the safest choice.
  • How does colloidal silver do its work?
    Pure silver nanoparticles have an electric charge or zeta potential that is opposite to the charge of pathogens. This polarity causes an attraction and when the silver particle gets within range it delivers an atomic lightning boltthat ruptures the cell wall of the intruder! Also because of this charge, pure reduced silver nanoparticles repelfrom healthy cells. Colloidal silver can kill over 650+ pathogens, such as bacteria’s, molds, fungus, viruses etc. Silver has been used as a remedy for thousands of years and is even found in egyptian heiroglyphic writings. In the last 50-100yrs the knowledge of silver's internal health benifits seem to have been supressed, although silver salts are still used in the medical field for bandaging and killing infections such as staph. Nothing else has been able to replace its abilities to fight infections. it is a remarkable miracle that this Noble metal has such healing powers!
  • What’s this stuff about moon and star cycles and silver?
    According to Ancient Alchemy, silver is revered as the metal of the moon. We find this fascinating and we track the astrological position of the moon with every batch of silver star shield we make! As of this writing we have just 1 bottle left of the 12-21-2021 full moon in gemini - solstice batch. Just ask us in the commentssection of your order for the current star - moon configurationof your order and we will be sure to share that info with you in your order. On an energetic and spiritual level this can give an indication of the magicstored in your bottle of Silver Star Shield.

Colloidal Silver & Ionic Silver

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